Happy hour mixer ideas

You worked hard all day and it's time to rewind and leave the job behind. That's right, it's happy hour, that hour or two you allow yourself to relax, decompress, and sit down with a great drink.

Happy hour is not reserved for drink specials at the local bar. Though that is where those few hours in the afternoon and late evening get their name, there is no reason you can't enjoy a happy hour at home or with a few friends in a more private atmosphere. While the drink specials are designed to lure you in and hopefully stay after they endyou'll often find that you can save even more money by making drinks at home.

Beyond the cash you'll saveyou can also take advantage of controlling your own drinks. Many drinkers prefer to keep the drinks simple during happy hour. This isn't the time for fancy cocktails with exotic ingredients. Some of our favorite after-work drinks are the simplest, those easy mixed drinks that come together in secondsnot minutes.

And yet, it is far too easy to get stuck in a drink rut. The routine of a fast and easy drink can become boring at times and it can be a challenge to escape this habit. To help you dig out of the evening drink cycle, let's look at a few of our favorite happy hour cocktails and see how to transform them into something new without getting too wild and crazy.

Maybe you're more of a Vodka Tonic enthusiast? These are great drinks that are instant feel-good highballs which many drinkers enjoy after a long, hard day. There are many easy ways to spice up your tonic routine. Whether that is adding a little fruit from a flavored vodka or a splash of juice, or switching out the liquor altogether, the tonic-based mixed drinks are begging for customization.

Maybe light drinks aren't your style. Let's take a look at the darker side of the soda highball in our next happy hour favorite. If this is your go-to happy hour drink, then there are a few easy changes you can make. The first recommendations are to step up your rum and cola game.

Are you accustomed to pouring Bacardi and Coke? Give Appleton Estate or Mount Gay a try for the rum. Better yet, look to your local distilleries and see what craft rums are available. Some of the best new rums are being made at the smallest distilleries. An alternative to Coke? Sure, you can try Pepsi, but let's step it up another notch.

Have you tried Q Kola? It's a completely different take on cola than most Americans are used to and it is fantastic with an aged rum. Of course, you can always switch to whiskey and cola and call out either, but we're trying to shake things up here!

The Moscow Mule is back and thank goodness for this latest resurgence. It is a fabulous drink that is catching on once again and becoming so mainstream that bars and liquor stores are finally stocking ginger beer on a regular basis. Ginger beer, you say?

Yes, if you have been making your Moscow Mule with ginger ale or your bartender has been serving it that way it's not right: the real Moscow Mule requires ginger beer. If you have discovered the beauty of a properly made Moscow Mule, it's time to shake things up. The vodka-ginger beer mix is the perfect candidate for simple twists. Now that you understand the full potential of ginger beer, let's move onto some easy whiskey favorites.

Whiskey and happy hour are like peanut butter and jelly, they were meant to be. Sure, you can order a whiskey and coke or a scotch on the rocks, but the John Collins is so much more interesting.So: You're missing your crew and wish you could hang out, but some things are keeping you apart.

Maybe it's a global pandemic that has everyone practicing social distancing. Though, that'll be over eventually — right? Maybe it's just that you're all spread across half the country and cheap plane tickets don't exactly grow on trees.

Whatever it is, you don't have to be stuck at home twiddling your thumbs or group-texting your buds how much you all miss each other. If you are texting, remember your phone etiquette. Instead, you can handle this with some 21st-century tech: by hosting a virtual happy hour! What is a virtual happy hour, you ask? It's a genius use of video-chat technology to get together with friends for drinks, no matter where in the world the friends are.

As long as you've got a computer or phone, a beer, and access to the internet, you can pal around just as if y'all were in the same room. Though it's been around for a while, most of us haven't used video chatting for much other than work. Honestly, because it's awkward.

Cameras and screens are never exactly in the same place, making it feel like everyone's avoiding eye contact. And if you're chatting with more than one person, no one knows who should talk first. Add to that the fact that even with high-speed Wi-Fi, there can be glitches and lags that cause more embarrassing pauses and confusion.

But this, my friends, is why the virtual happy hour is genius : Because we've long known that one of the best ways to manage an awkward social situation is by cracking open a beer or sipping a glass of wine think: first dates.

How to ...

So it's perfect for getting past the initial technical hurdle and helping friends feel closer across digital screens as well. Hosting a virtual happy hour can be as easy as setting a time and uncorking a bottle, but to help it go as smoothly as possible, here are four tips for making it a little easier.

There are a ton of different ways to video chat and each has advantages and drawbacks. Zoom is fast and great for groups, but the free version has a minute limit. Apple's FaceTime comes with your iPhone and actually handles up to three or even four calls pretty well. But everyone has to have an iPhone or a Mac computer to use it.

Then there are alternatives like Google Hangouts for groups and Google Duo for chats. Even Microsoft and Facebook have video-chatting services.Your information has been submitted. Sign up to receive updates from Chef Works: new product info, promotions, discounts and more! Source: Flickr. Happy hour. To the working masses, these are some of the, well, happiest words out there. Everyone loves a great value, and everyone loves a cocktail after quitting time.

By thinking creatively. From inspirations for pairings and event ideas to out of the box promotional ideas, these ideas are bound to spark your imagination and improve your happy hour offerings. What is happy hour? Originally created to increase profits during the slow pre-dinner times in a restaurant, this concept has taken off in a big way, and now extends beyond drinks to appetizers and food.

Offer small plates at small prices. Everyone knows that specially-priced drinks are the essence of happy hour. Having food specials during happy hour not only helps drive sales, but it encourages people to linger and order another round. Many restaurants focus on small plates or appetizers during this time; when a group orders a few, the cost of the bill adds up, often to even higher than if the customers ordered entrees.

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Offer a late night happy hour. Why stop at just one happy hour? Often, restaurants will have a second happy hour just when the restaurant business is beginning to die down. In a quieter community this might be at 9pm; in a big, bustling city, the second happy hour might be at 11pm.

Offering a second special can help maximize sales during slower hours at your restaurant.

happy hour mixer ideas

Have daily happy hour specials. Give customers an incentive to keep coming back. Or, offer different foods on special on different days.If you live with roommates or family members, call yourself lucky to have a built-in social network during these times of social distancing — and in that case, you can play pretty much any drinking card game.

And there are many ways to connect in a meaningful way, beyond FaceTime chats. Start, of course, with a drink in hand — for more see tips on how to have a virtual happy hour here. Then, try playing one of the classic drinking games below. Never Have I Ever is an easy game to start with. The rules: Each person starts with five fingers held up your other hand should be free to hold your drink.

Taking turns, each person says something they have never done. Those who have done that thing have to put a finger down and take a drink. Helpful tip: Have a moderator or host call on each person to take their turn, since not everyone appears in the same order on the grid on different video apps. Some Never Have I Ever statement suggestions to start you off: Never have I ever lived through a pandemic everyone drinks.

Cool Off with a KitchenAid Mixer Giveaway!

Never have I ever bought an entire case of La Croix. Never have I ever argued with someone in the grocery store over toilet paper. A Power Hour is another easy way to gather friends near and far while socially distanced.

happy hour mixer ideas

All you need is to find a previously prepared playlist of one-minute songs try YouTubeor prepare a playlist that one person will play and monitor over the hour, changing songs every 60 seconds. How to play: Take a drink every minute. To get some face time into the mix, organize the game as a video call so you can see each other and chat in between — see if you can keep up! A little advanced, sure, but for those desperate enough to put in the effort, why not?

This weekend I did my first virtual hangouts and saw friends we rarely get to see for happy hours. I can also confirm that virtual beer pong is possible, you just need 4 phones and facetime — one on each couple, one on each set of cups. Detailed directions for how to play Jackbox games remotely are available here. If game platforms and signup fees seem like too much effort, consider using Zoom or your preferred video platform to play Charades, Pictionary, Trivia, Bingo, or Code Names.

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The virtual world is your oyster! If you have a game system or even a really strong laptop, you might be surprised by how many video games can be turned into drinking games you can play with friends. Popular titles like Overwatch, Fortnite, and even Wii Sports have many drinking game iterations floating around the internet.

happy hour mixer ideas

Ideally, players will be fighting each other, but in a pinch a. Although video game drinking games can be created for almost any game, try picking one you and your friends are playing right now Animal Crossing: New Horizonsanyone?

You can set up FaceTime or Zoom on your phone, tablet, or laptop to see and hear each other while playing. To stay with the Animal Crossing example, players might take a drink every time you find a bug, donate to the museum, or acquire a new item for your house.

This can also apply to social interactions in the game. Playing drinking games while watching movies or series is a popular choice, and an easy one to replicate in the virtual world. In March, Google Chrome launched an extension for Netflix Partya new feature that synchronizes video playback, allowing you to stream and watch movies and shows simultaneously. It also adds a group chat so you can message each other throughout.

Choose a theme to make the experience easily repeatable. Oscar movies or zombie flicks, for example, are readily available.

For groups of friends whose anxieties are assuaged by horror, now is a wonderful time to marathon appropriately themed works depicting hyperbolized disaster and trauma. You can turn any watch party into a drinking game. Along with text, the chatroom supports screenshots, emojis, and GIFs.

Let off some steam and pent-up energy by hosting a virtual dance party. You can do this in any video conferencing app, or use a platform like Houseparty. As in real life, a dance party can take many forms.Happy hour. With these 5 key elements and 15 ideas for irresistible happy hour promotions, it can be your golden opportunity, too.

Virtual happy hour invitations

These 3 menu-focused happy hour promotions will ensure everyone wins:. Mix in premium items on your happy hour food menu — like shrimp cocktail. This is an awesome move if you offer a set price for a list of different appetizers.

Pack it full of high-margin items. Then, drop in that premium item. TacoTuesday happy hour promotions are a dime a dozen these days. Why not get TikiTuesday trending? Create small-plate versions of your popular lunch and dinner entrees as one of your menu-focused happy hour promotions. Think slider-size gourmet burgers, mini tacos, and bite size avocado toast give the millennials what they want.

For new customers, those small bites are a big sales pitch to return and enjoy the full portion. For repeat customers? They just scored a great deal. Still itching for more ideas?

While the hours between 3 and 6 p. Partner with popular local brands for events during odd hours. The event draws attention to their happy hour promotions available on Sunday afternoons. Participants get a bottle of Metropolitan and their own robots to take home. One pub in upstate New York hosts all-day happy hour promotions on Tuesdays.

Everyone needs an escape from a case of the Mondays. While you may also offer lunch specials, revelers celebrating a birthday or bachelor party will be drawn to noontime happy hour promotions. What diners hear and see from the outside of a bar can have a big effect on drawing them inside for happy hour promotions. Go big with a full beer garden. Or start small with a few picnic tables or bistro tables out front.

Whatever you do, find a way to set up outdoor seating. Patrons who hang out in trendy neighborhoods can identify their favorite street artists by sight, if not by name. Comb through Instagram and connect with these trending artists.The good friends are up to you. The rest — well, after hundreds of happy hours, we have some recipes, tips and ideas to share.

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Go ahead, dim the lights, light some candles, and turn up the music. Make your happy hour guests feel glamorous and welcome. Greet them at the door and show them around. Introduce people right away, and share something they may have in common to get the conversation started. Most of all, be prepared. You may not need all of these ingredients for your bar, but one of each can help you make whatever your guests are craving. A little preparation ahead of time can help you not work so hard at your own party.


Before your guests arrive, have one or two drink suggestions to offer. Glass of wine? Or a cocktail?

happy hour mixer ideas

I can make you a [whatever you know how to make -- margarita, gimlet, martini -- and have the cocktail recipe ingredients ready to go. OK, there is more. Thursday Nov 3rd is International Stout Day. You were helpful to me previously, so I thought I would try you again. I am more of a Lager girl, any suggestions? Thanks for a great site! Kind regards, Teresa AfternoonDrinks. Name required. Email required.Happy Hour Ideas will help you to increase sales during not so busy part of the day.

Innovative ideas will serve you better than discounts. Happy hour is well known classic in hospitality business. Every successful restaurateur who is looking for new and fresh ideas use Happy Hour to enhance his business.

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He knows that Happy Hour is one of the best ways to make his guests more happy, and that Happy Hour has a great impact on his overall profit.

Specifically the Happy Hour can help you to:. Price of food and drink is a key factor for many consumers. It is clear that Happy Hour could help you to improve your work. Now go into action — join to many restaurateurs who care about their guests and create crowd in your restaurant during late afternoons. To create successful and recognizable happy hour in your restaurant or bar you will need additional information and tips about how to do it on best way. It is very important to know what kind of guests visit your restaurant or bar.

You know very well who are your guests, know their needs and what they love the most.

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Therefore, let your guests be your guide and your inspiration and create your own Happy Hour program and menu specials by following their habits and wishes. For example, if your guests are mostly business people, middle-aged, who like to drink the glass of red wine during their lunch then offer it by half of the price during happy hour. Organize happy hour one hour before their usual visit to your restaurant. Your targeted visitors would be best defined if you track their behavior.

Consider who they already are, and who can be your new guests. Are they sitting in office buildings close to your catering facility, or at universities, sports clubs and even social networking sites or web portals? Special program should include drinks, cocktails and simple dishes such as sandwiches and other small snacks but go one step further and show to your guests innovations from the restaurants around the world.

If your guests love to eat special steak that your chef prepares with lots of love, then put it in your happy hour offer at an affordable price or give some extra side dishes with it or amazingly abundant portion!

It is the most important to adapt your special offer to wishes of your loyal guests — Happy Hour program should offer much more than a discount on a meal or drinks.

Innovative ideas will serve you better than discountsbecause it is important to show creativity to stand out from the competition. Perfect time for Happy Hour differs from one to another catering facility, and it should not lasts only 60 minutes.